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"I have advanced further with Amanda in the few weeks she has been tutoring me, than the 2 years I spent in various group classes. The sessions are fun, and Amanda takes the time to build them to suit my needs. Boa!"           - Lyndie A.

"I have been so impressed with Amanda's teaching style in her efforts to help me learn the Portuguese language.  As a beginner student, she has tried to understand the most effective methods of learning for me and is extremely patient and sensitive to the challenges of learning a new language.  I can enthusiastically endorse Amanda as a tutor for those prospective students who desire a personal, friendly and supportive environment for improving their Portuguese skills."                                                                      - Dennis M.

"Amanda is flexible in order to meet at a convenient time and location. I really like her technique because I am a beginner and want to be fluent one day. She started off teaching the phonetic rules because learning how letters are pronounced is a very important building block for comprehension. She customizes our lessons to fit my learning style. I always feel bad that I don't have more time to dedicate at home but she never makes me feel pressured, which is quite different than a setting with classroom teacher."                         - Jackie T.

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Translation  Services
Translation and interpretation services are to be priced depending on the scope, density and distance of the assignment, if applicable.

Notary Services also available in California only.


Online Language Learning

My Portuguese will be a learn-at-your-own-pace website intended for all learners, regardless of level of knowledge, budget or time committment.

Coming in 2024!

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